Leah Fricano

Bona Fide Curly

Loft # 8

Phone: 585-727-0207

Email: bonafidecurly@outlook.com

Booking:  Bona Fide Curly

Instagram: Bona Fide Curly

About me:

Bona fide: “made in good faith without deception or fraud; authentic and true.” Embracing our “roots”.  


My lifetime as a curly girl inspired my 8 years as curl specialist; curls are where my ❤️ is.  Sculpting one’s personalized contemporary shape, unveiling the best version of one’s existing texture with custom hydration and simplifying daily maintenance growing overall LOVE for our curls (and our bona fide selves) is everything. 


I want nobody to love you more than you and hope to teach and unite proud confident curlies allover. 


DevaCurl certified and curly educated beyond.